Militant Muscle was initially a product line dedicated to those individuals who participated in combat sports. We wanted to make athletes bigger, stronger, faster, and improve their muscle recovery time. We started this brand in 2010, and launched the first products on Amazon.com as  a market testing platform.

militant-supplementsOne of the first questions we received from a customer was “are these products allowed to be used in the military” ? 

Well, we knew our products were not banned by the FDA. We also knew they were 100% within the United States. After doing some research, we concluded that these products could be safely used by military personnel. These products will NOT cause an individual to fail a drug test.


Ever since 2010, almost 80% of our client base is now American Military. We have NEVER had a soldier contact us with negative feedback of any kind. Here are the benefits of dealing with us:


  • Product is 100% GUARANTEED (Each bottle is double safety sealed)
  • Shipping is 100% GUARANTEED to Arrive. (No Customs Issues)
  • 100% “Legal Steroids”. No banned substances, or prescription drugs.
  • Made in the U.S.A. Pharmaceutical Grade. Manufactured in an FDA Approved Facility.
  • You will NOT fail a  drug test.
  • No Nasty Side Effects. Safe for long term use. No stress on liver or kidneys.
  • Packaging is discreet.

Our Products

We only offer 4 distinct products in the Militant Muscle product line. These products can be used as a Stack or a Cycle. Each product offers a unique benefit. You can simply combine the products if you wish to get multiple benefits.

  • DIANADROL® is a bulking agent used to gain weight, improve power, and increase strength. This is one of these most popular “legal steroids” being sold on the market.
  • CLENODREN™ is a potent fat burner. It can also be taken before training as a pre workout to enhance energy, strength, and endurance.
  • DECATEST™ is a mild anabolic muscle builder and fat burner. This product has a great muscle recovery ability, allowing you to train harder, more often.
  • ANADROLIC™ produces mild muscle mass gains, moderate fat loss, but solid strength improvements. This product also intensifies weight training sessions due to an increase in aggression (which is likely due to the fact that this product is a testosterone boosting powerhouse).